Frequently Asked Questions...

Is Studio Selfie 4 an art gallery?

Yes, SS4 is a contemporary studio and art gallery of Coeur d'Alene artist and author A. M. Hedin. 

Why is it called Studio Selfie 4?

SS4 offers individuals small photography sessions using the original art installation available in the studio. If you have purchased a painting then you can use the VIP session times to have exclusive time in the studio to photo the unique compositions with small groups of 4 or less without other people walking through the studio.

Are private photography sessions offered outside of VIP session hours?

The space is available to rent for artistic purposes. Small groups may rent the studio to take photographs outside of VIP session times and gallery hours for $200 an hour. Arrangements must be made with A. M. Hedin and all gallery guidelines must be followed, such as artwork must not be touched unless specifically designed for viewer interaction.