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Letter #14

Dear Artist,

I’m suggesting a simple task this week to help you in your artist journey. Take the time to watch The Price of Everything an HBO documentary about the contemporary art world. It will inspire and create a multitude of questions about being an artist. It can be found on HBO Go and HBO Now.


This documentary made me want to paint more. Making me envious of Larry Poons’ large canvas roll being hung around his art studio in one continuous fashion. What would it feel like painting on a huge loosely hung canvas like this? My guess is that it would be glorious!


Another concept that this documentary brought to mind is that full time artists need to be a part of the art world and what that offers. One cannot stand alone without the other. These two are the peanut butter and jam in the sandwich. Money is not an evil presence in the art world; it is a necessity for artists to continue to produce new and original art pieces. Connections and money are needed if you don’t want to also have a side job.


Are you willing to make art money? It is possible. But the only way is to become someone that your community knows. The artist Banksey is anonymous, but even though we don’t who his is, we all know his name. The world needs to know your name for you to become someone whose art is coveted and purchased.


There are many ways to become involved in the community, state and larger art world. Attend the next local art meeting, and become a part of the system that creates and sustains the arts. Look online to what opportunities are out there, each time I look I find more and more resources and organizations available to help.


Banksey Does New York is another documentary that is worth watching. Banksey’s ability to involve the community in his art performance is inspiring. There are few ideas I gleaned from him that I plan on using in the future. There is much to learn from other successful artists even if they create different styles of art than you do.


The future is only as bright as the art you are making. Send me a photo to Instagram @ Uncle5star_studioselfie4 and I will give you a quick 5 ★ rating.


To successful art making,

Uncle Salvador

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