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Letter #2-16

Dear Artist,

What is your responsibility as a professional creator? Do you owe the world a certain kind of art or are you free to make whatever you’d like? 


Many people feel that artists must create within limitations set by galleries and art dealers. That a recognizable style must exist before the artist can be successful. Is this really true?


When creating your body of work keeping a common theme helps you to explore that body of work in a deeper level. But is someone who once painted tiny dots stuck in that style for the rest of eternity or can he branch out into an expression that better suits his nature and current abilities? The HBO documentary, “The Price of Everything” features Larry Poons and gives insight into this dilemma. Spoiler, Poons isn’t stuck in his dot creation cycle from the 60’s. He’s broken free, but not without a little systematic turmoil along the way.


Again what is an artist really bound to create? I recently read that an artist must create what s/he believes in. This profound statement resonated with me. 


What do you believe in? Not just a style or kind of media, what do you really feel is important in this life? What should come before all other items? If the Great Creator said, “Make what you want others to see!” What would that be? Are you making it now?


After asking myself these same questions I experienced a new productive creation process with my own art production. The lesson here to remember is that asking questions often leads to more powerful growth. 


Are you where you want to be as a creator? If a body of your work were put on exhibit after you had passed away what would it say about you as an artist?  Take a look at this retrospective from the work of Helen Frankenthaler in a short video found below. What do the art pieces tell you about this artist? Do you connect with the commentary about her and what she has actually produced? Find the video HERE.

Did you see Frankenthaler’s personality and love of life in her work? Or did you feel like the commenters were filling in the blanks? 


What will you do in your own studio this week to better help express what is inside of you and what you want others to see? 


Enjoy your surroundings, express what no one else can, and make more art!

 Uncle Salvador





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