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Letter #3-6

Dear Artist,

Finding beauty in the world is what artists do best! We can also use our platform to bring awareness to needed change or arising concerns. What messages do you share with your own art voice?


The world is always telling us what we have to do, such as one must make a certain type of art to have a successful career as an artist. But what is so amazing about artists is that we often respond by saying, “World you don’t own me, I am free!”


What do artists who are free create?  I believe a free artist offers genuinely personal pieces that carry a part of that artist’s spirit within his/her body of work.


Let’s take a look at bold artist who recently had an exhibit at the Tate in the United Kingdom. HERE is his promo video, have you heard of him? 


I first found Blake’s work in my undergraduate literature studies. His work never left me. While I haven't personally viewed his work in real life, many of his paintings are so powerful that I am completely connected with them even while only seeing them in print and online. My favorite piece of his is quite well known and appreciated by many. Another of his works, after I first saw it, as never left the space in the back of my mind.


Let’s look at a piece that is not as well known. HERE is an example of art that needs very little description for the viewer to gain an understanding of the artist's views. 


Blake’s contrast between light and dark is one of his greatest achievements. What do you find memorable in this piece?


His poetry brought awareness to the injustices of the world. His imagery burns into the hearts of viewers. He was an artist true to his own light and purpose. Whether creating a “tyger” or “lamb” Blake knew that his hand would always show in his final work.


May you burn as bright as William Blake with what you share with the world,

Uncle Salvador

HERE ​William Blake's Poem "The Tyger"

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