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Letter #2-1

Dear Artist,

Hope you are well; I will definitely focus the next series of letters on what makes good art per your request. There are many aspects that need to be considered with artwork and why some pieces last past the original decade in which they were created.


Let’s start with the basics; the art elements are key in creating long lasting piece. My personal favorite item to add to my work is line. To me it has more power than any other element. Line can stand alone on most scenarios and be enough to enhance the viewer.


Look below at Andy Warhol’s painting Liz #6 painted in 1963. Some may say that it is color that makes this art piece work so well, but in reality it’s line that keeps us looking at it. The organic line of her hair caressing her face is the most powerful item used. It is complimented with the oval lines of the eye shadow color and negative space blocked by the solid shape of hair. Of course contrast in value is important here, but it is line that plays first fiddle.


Find Liz #6 Here

Another long lasting artist Vincent van Gogh is known for his use of color, but to me the most powerful element that he uses is line. Look below at The Bedroom painted in 1888 that over 2 million viewers went to see at the Van Gogh Museum last year alone. The strong lines in the bed frame, the window sill, the table, the chairs, the paintings, the towel, the doors and the floor command the eye around this scene.

Before we get to far along I must warn you. A good piece of art has something that draws the viewer in. What did Warhol use to capture your attention? What is the first thing that you see in the Van Gogh painting? Something must grab the viewer’s attention to help him keep discovering what he or she likes or dislikes in a piece of art.

Find The Bedroom Here


There is more to this, I will continue with this discussion in the next letter. Just remember to get the viewer’s attention, or your art will be boring a decade later.


Need a little help making sure your work is ready for a deadline? Send me a photo to Instagram @ Uncle5star_studioselfie4 and I will give you a quick 5 ★ rating.


Don’t be boring,

Uncle Salvador

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