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Letter #2-12

Dear Artist,

Some times life gets hard and if I am not in the proper mood to create art I use my time to search for new inspiration or find new work of others that lifts my mood. During one of these searching moments I randomly found Emma Haggas, a United Kingdom artist with wonderfully expressive abstract landscapes. What do you notice about Haggas' piece entitled Morning Rain found HERE?


For me the complementary colors of orange and blue were the first elements to burst off my screen, but as I looked further I noticed a second set with yellows and purples working together perfectly as well. Morning Rain resonated immediately as something deeper than what it was and reminded me of a patchwork quilt. A good piece of art can bring a thought or an emotion up within the viewer that might not even be what the artist had in mind when creating it.


To see if this connection was just a fluke I searched for more of Emma Haggas’ work. HERE is another piece that drew me in. Hill Top Village, with it's bright red sold dot, proves to me that Ms. Haggas is the real deal. She uses color masterfully! I see why her work is in such high demand.


What did you see in Hill Top Village? What works in it? What doesn’t? Did you notice the masterful use of color in this piece?


Color can be King in any artwork if used properly. I truly enjoy seeing others succeed with their use of color. For me it just makes the image that much more enjoyable to experience, and is a sure way to lift the doldrums that sometimes pop out of no where.


Long live the King; color used powerfully can move mountains. Hang in there, and add a little color if you need a lift.

Uncle Salvador

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