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Letter #2-6

Dear Artist,

Are you working from within? Does work flow from you in a way that invigorates your creativity and satisfaction of craft? If so, then chances are, you are working with Spirit.


From our last letter, Jackson Pollock’s quote is important to revisit once again. “MOST MODERN PAINTERS WORK FROM A DIFFERENT SOURCE. THEY WORK FROM WITHIN.” What does artwork from modern artists hold that signifies it came from within?


It is inspired, yet not forced. It is real, but not copied. There is natural flow that guides the artist; however, tapping into it can be difficult if one’s life is overwhelmed with outside influences. Things such as worry, stress, and heartache are the outside influences that can drain an artist’s creative reserves. Drained artists are the ones who resort to copying other’s successes without adding in Spirit lead elements.


While it’s easy to copy it’s not easy to be motivated without sometimes losing our own strengths. When we see something we like, that particular image can take precedence and overpower our natural artistic tendencies. Being guided by Spirit while keeping a personal style is key, but not always as easy as it seems. Artists influence one another, and that’s okay.


I saw American artist Richard Dieberkorn’s work online last week and I immediately was drawn to his imagery and color choices. While I enjoyed most of his work a few pieces really stuck with me. Recollections of a Visit to Leningrad created in 1965 reminded me immediately of one of my favorite artists, and after a little research I found out Dieberkorn was actually influenced by the master I had in mind. Can you guess who inspired him? HERE is the art piece.


Now let’s look at another piece called View from the Porch by Dieberkorn in 1959. Does it still have the influence of the master previously noticed or is it Dieberkorn’s own work entirely? HERE is the art piece.


Is any work ever our own entirely? Influence is what pushes us to do more and be more. Keep looking and learning from others and you will continue to grow. Allow your own style to surface in all that you do even if you are trying on another’s point of view. But most importantly allow the feelings from within to direct your creation, and then you will have a modern artist’s view point.


Spring is here and it’s time to blossom,


Uncle Salvador

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