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Letter #2-7

Dear Artist,

How does the art element texture affect your 2-dimensional artwork? It’s easy to see texture’s strength in sculpture, but what about in oil and acrylic paintings? To me texture immediately brings up images of thick rough edges and strokes. What else can it be?


Let’s take a look at a couple of art pieces where innovative texture is achieved with simplistic methods. A piece that I have seen twice in person, which had an almost supernatural power over me both times, was created in 1889 by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Moulin de la Galette is filled with rich lustrous texture so perhaps this is why it took over my ability to think and respond on my own. The Art Institute of Chicago Museum where this piece resides explains: “He used turpentine to thin his paint and applied it in loose washes, a technique known as peinture à l’essence.” Adding texture with layering and line can even add movement as seen in the art piece HERE.


Texture is often coupled with other art elements to best accentuate it.  Two Rabbis by Jankel Adler in 1942 is a great example of how color and line can create texture. Find this piece HERE and then let’s discuss it.

The smooth application of the paint along side of the rough makes the textures more pronounced in this piece. Contrast with different textures makes this art element’s usage even more powerful.


What do you think of Jankel Adler’s use of color? I personally believe that the use of complementary along side of analogous is quite powerful here. In fact, I can’t imagine this piece colored any other way. Which tells me, he hit the nail on the head, but how do you feel about it?


The beautiful thing about art discussions is that it is okay to have different opinions. If you do not agree with me, it doesn’t mean that I am wrong and that you are right. It just means we disagree and that is perfectly acceptable.


I can’t wait to see your next art piece. Where can I find it online? Let me know.


Make art like tomorrow is your next art show,

Uncle Salvador

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