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Letter #3-2

Dear Artist,

How does one keep making art when the world seems to be falling apart? It’s simple, by creating personal visual stories. Whatever is inside must be revealed, and only you can do it.


Some people make art to sell to consumers, but true artists create from their own experiences. No one can learn these images from a class or workshop when the inspiration is completely unique. This kind of art is rare as are the artists who can produce it.


It takes courage to create what’s inside. The average person is fine with attending a sip and paint class and making the same design as the instructor. For a true artist, however, this would be a form of torture. Souls born to paint must work from within to be fully satisfied.


If you are ever feeling stuck and uninspired stop and take a look at someone else’s work and springboard off of what you see. François Boisrond has an interesting piece called, “1959 Paris (France)” at the Museum of Modern Art of Paris that has a unique basic compositional structure. Sketch out the basic outline of the center oval and the two side half circles, along with the three other shapes, and then fill in the empty space with imagery from a favorite childhood memory. Find Boisrond’s piece HERE.


Be loose and allow your inner thoughts to emerge onto the canvas. Revealing a simple memory will have much power over the viewer. I can’t wait to see what is created by this exercise. Please share what you discover.


Remember, art is always the answer.

Uncle Salvador





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