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Letter #3-3

Dear Artist,

Where do you create? Having a space is important, but there are many factors to consider. First if all, it has to have good mojo, be a place that ideas come pouring out, and where you can take action to bring these ideas into fruition. When my daughter was seeing old men crying in the corner of the old farm we lived in I wasn’t motivated to create anything there. The energy of a place matters.


Another thing to consider is how much is it going to cost to run a studio outside of your home. Will it pay for itself monthly or just be a tax write-off the first year? Having a prominent space in an active art area can be magical.


Christo and Jean-Claude were lured to their first New York work space with a $140 month rent. They later found that their Soho loft was the only place in the world that Christo could create the drawing and images that he and Jean-Claude planned together. Finding the best to place to create should be a priority for all serious artists. 


When I was last in Ireland I witness Francis Bacon’s studio at the Hugh Lane Gallery. Everyone must experience in person this amazing sight. It’s quite unbelievable, really. I would lose my mind working in Bacon’s realm of chaos. Find out more about him HERE.

Francis Bacon once said, “Painting is a dual performance.” Meaning that our own personalities come out in what we paint as well as whatever it is that we are attempting to create. Bacon’s statement along with insight into his studio space creates a small spotlight into the mind of this powerful 20th century artist.

Many things may change in this world from one century to the next, but one thing that will remain constant is the need for artists to have a safe place to create. In the end, an economical space that fits all the needs of your creation enterprise is golden. 


May your studio bring you much joy in creating,

Uncle Salvador




Find Francis Bacon's quote from "Scream of Genius" HERE.



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