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Letter #3-7

Dear Artist,

Spring is here and all life seems to have felt the change. Even the air is different than it was just a few months ago. A blossoming flower, a roaring river, a newborn gosling are erupting all around to inspire and enthuse the artist. This time of year is so inspiring to artists; what are you working on currently?


It's the perfect time to show artwork and there are so many opportunities to do so. Emerge in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho has just opened an art all call for its annual Art Pop Up. People are wanting to see work in person and are starting to return to more normal social behaviors. The digital viewing is just not the same as up close and personal.


If Spring is not enough to help you to find new inspiration sometimes items intended for children are perfect to rattle an artist into production. The following video will lift and advise at any age on how music can offer direction, find inspiration HERE.


I am so busy creating my own art that this letter will be unusually short, but it’s good to connect with you once again. The more us artists stick together the more energy we have to continue to do what we do best—make more art!


Happy art making makes for happy souls,


Uncle Salvador

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