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Letter #4

Dear Artist,


If you don’t mind me asking what is your daily art routine? Do you have a set time that you create or do you just work whenever there is a free moment? For me routine allows growth as an artist. If am stopping and starting with large gaps in my creation process I forget what I have learned and find myself making the same mistakes over and over.


No matter what you do currently, know that making art 8 hours a day will allow you to create a large body of work, which is a good thing. If 4 hours is all you can muster then that’s enough time to still develop a good portion of work over a short period of time. Working is the key, but consistently working is even better if you want to succeed. But what is success really?


Henri Matisse once said, “An artist should never be a prisoner of himself, prisoner of style, prisoner of reputation, prisoner of success.” Prisoners are literally stuck and a stuck artist is not a good thing. To keep myself moving I focus on 3 main focal points daily: I eat, I exercise, and I create. If these 3 items are accomplished, then I know that it has been a really good day.


Of the artists you found last week that inspire you, what were they doing that caught your eye? Studying others can also help us to grow. It is important to actually know what about these artists drew your approval. Just liking it is really not good enough. What specifically do you like about their work and marketing influences?


Since the last letter I created an Instagram account to make it easier for you to send me the work you want me to assess.


            FOLLOW me on Instagram @ Uncle5star_studioselfie4


The Uncle 5 Star art rating is designed to help you get a quick second opinion about your piece. For best possible results only send what is considered to be fine art or photography. If a 5 star is given I will reshare your work on this Instagram page for others to see.


Share Uncle5star_studioselfie4 with others who might benefit from this as well. Can’t all artists use a second opinion every now and then?  I know having others look at pieces I am unsure of can often push me to do a little more to make the piece go from mediocre to magnificent.


Do you have any current pieces that you want honest and quick feedback? Send them now to Uncle5star_studioselfie4 in an Instagram message.


I am looking forward to seeing your work.


Creation and good food save souls,

Uncle Salvador

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