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Letter #5

Dear Artist,

I often ask myself, “Is my work where I want it to be?” To me this question means multiple things. First of all, is my current art a reflection of who I am? Sometimes it is easy to get side tracked and lose sight of my personal purpose as an artist. Today fortunately, I know why I create and what it is I am trying to communicate. Every artist should check in on his/her personal reflection frequently.


A reflection of the artist is often clear in seasoned artist’s works.  Andy Warhol is distinctive and so is Frida Kahlo, does your work reflect a clear element of you? Can others describe this element without your help? If not, then think about why you are creating.


What is your deepest passion? Your answer shouldn’t feel stagnant; your response should make you want to pick up a brush and paint. Creation should be fueled by what’s within. This is actually a lot like a fire; it must be stoked to keep burning. What do you do to keep your creative fire alive?


Personally I love to learn and try new techniques. Career artists have growth; hobby artists live on a plateau. Which are you right now?


Much growth also comes for me by researching other artists. Finding a good autobiography or an artist’s diary has helped me expand my own thinking. Other artists are a great resource as they are having the same dilemmas that we do.


The second part of my question, “Is my work where I want it to be?” focuses on does my target audience have access to my artwork?


Do you know who is actually seeing your art? If your work is in a gallery most artists have no idea who buys it. If you have your own studio or space have you been keeping track of your customers?  If you don’t have customers yet, do you at least know who your target audience is?


Understanding your target audience is key to finding your people. They are not hiding, but a connection needs to occur for you to attract them. Getting your target audience to see your work is quite important. But what will physically get them to your gallery or website?


There are hundreds of ways to do this. Spend some time thinking about what would work for you, talk to a good friend about your ideas. Discussion with another often helps different concepts to surface as well.


Select the best idea and take action to bring your target audience to your work and get them talking about what they like about it. Did you know that most new sales come from previous customers’ input? Ann Rea, an artist and art marketing coach says, “referral sales which can generate over 85% of all new sales” are the key for successful artists.


Are you making art daily? Do you have work that needs a second opinion? If you would like me to rate your artwork with a quick 5 star response, then send a photo of the piece to Uncle5star_studioselfie4 in an Instagram message.


Tomorrow is tomorrow, but today is time to create. Yesterday is gone, but can be remembered in an art piece.


Fuel your fire, paint with fury,


Uncle Salvador

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