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Letter #7

Dear Artist,

To answer your question, “What type of mindset makes an artist more creative?” I do have a few ideas on this subject. First let’s look at what some iconic creatives have to say about this topic.


Keith Haring wrote in his diary October of 1984, “The challenge is to be in a state of mind which allows spontaneity and chance while still maintaining a level of awareness which allows you to shape and control the image.”


Vincent van Gogh shared, “I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart.”


Auguste Rodin advised, “The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live.”


After pondering these insights ask, “What am I doing to help myself have a mindset that can be relaxed and open to explore both new and familiar ideas?” For me it’s when I am doing the mundane, a shower, driving to a familiar place, or right before I fall to sleep that my best ideas come. They can be more forced into fruition during the creation process with a spontaneity that is hard to describe.


The downside of being too spontaneous is that almost every time I try something new there is some type of disaster that happens during the creation process. A calm state allows me to recoup, modify, and direct the disaster into a happy accident rather than a tear off the canvas from the stretcher and start over experience. In all honestly, the latter does happen occasionally as well. Confidence allows the artist to try new methods and not get stuck in the inevitable mistake that will arise in the process.


Creatives need to be stimulated to come up with new ideas. What are you seeking out? Have you been to gallery this week or have you researched another artist recently in your spare time. Learning from others is a necessity to grow as an artist.


While looking around be mindful of who and what moves you? Ponder can be gleaned from an art piece or artist that could fit into your own style and message. Emotional connections should be investigated deeply when they arise. Why are you feeling this way and what can you do to make others feel this way about your own work?


It is impossible to visit a large museum without walking at least 3 miles so seeing others artwork is not only inspirational but also making you more mentally healthy. Getting outside is another way to inspire your creativity to surface. Spontaneity comes naturally from being healthy, happy, and confident.


How is your art making coming along? Send a photo of the art piece to Uncle5star_studioselfie4 in an Instagram message for a quick rating 5 ★ rating.


Be open to making art inspired from within,

Uncle Salvador

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